About ‘Not Now’

‘Not now’ has been the mantra of my life. I’ve been meaning to get things done for a while. Replace the battery on my watch, hang the 25 posters my husband passive aggressively got framed after my constant nagging. I’ve also been meaning to write. And as long as I’m writing, I might as well get to know this city a little better, find out where to go to get random stuff done and share it with you. It might just help.

With the help of my Qatari friends and my own experiences being born an expat, I’ll also share all the intriguing little anecdotes and stories from Doha and how it works here.

I’m 28 on paper and 24 in my head. I do Public Relations for a living. I’ve been living in Doha for 5 years now. Was born and raised in Dubai, did my undergrad in Bangalore, India and did my masters in Leeds, UK.

I love any kind of music as long as it makes my brain hum. I dance and sing and consider myself quite the performer. Anything for attention really.

I came to Doha for love. Hated it instantly of course! But I’m learning to warm up to it.


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