Loydence Ayurvedic Spa

I visited the newly opened Loydence Ayurvedic Spa in Gharaffa, Doha, took a look around, spoke to the doctors and joined a Yoga class. The Ayurvedic Spa is the first of its kind in Qatar as it is the first licensed Ayurvedic treatment center in the country with certified doctors on staff.

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The entrance-way to Loydence Ayurvedic Spa

For those of you who are unfamiliar, ‘Ayurveda is the world’s most ancient system of preventive health care. Developed in India, over 6,000 years ago, Ayurveda which translates to ‘Knowledge of Life’ is a natural approach for creating balance and strengthening the body’s healing abilities’.

According to Dr. Geetha Tharanath, who is the senior physician with over 30 years’ experience in the fields of Ayurvedic treatment, Neuropathy, Yoga and Meditation, the primary aim of the Loydence Ayurvedic Spa is to create a healthy environment within which they teach their students how to incorporate Ayurvedic methods into their day to day lives.

The Spa Lobby

They have various Rejuvenation programs which detoxifies the body resulting in more energy and a stronger immune system. They have more than 20 different traditional Ayurvedic treatments which include massages, oil therapy, herbal therapy, therapeutic sweating, steam and sauna therapy and skin therapy. Each treatment lasts between 1 to 3 weeks with one or two hour sessions each day.


The spa also provides many popular massages. Their traditional Ayurvedic massages include a detox and stress reduction therapy as well as the ‘Kalari Marma’ massage which stimulates vital points and relieves pain and stiffness. They also specialize in Aroma therapy massage, Swedish Massage, the traditional Thai massage, Balinese massage, reflexology and a full body ‘Lomi Lomi’ massage.


They also conduct guided Yoga and meditation classes. Again, for the unfamiliar, ‘Yoga is an ancient practice that uses breathing techniques, poses, relaxation and meditation to balance the mind, body and spirit, creating energy, strength and mental clarity’.

What makes these Yoga classes different is that they are personalized for your specific requirements and are not generalized classes for large groups. The session will have a maximum of two other participants and an instructor. If required, you can also book a personal session. The different types of Yoga they teach include Yoga for obesity management, lifestyle disorders, insomnia, asthmatic complaints and Yoga for children and youth.

The Yoga studio

Having practiced Yoga in the past, I would go back to Loydence because they teach Yoga how it’s supposed to be taught; as a holistic healing and meditation technique, not a group sport. Having grown up in an Indian household, Ayurveda treatments were a frequent go-to option and I can see this becoming mine in Qatar.

It is important for me that an establishment’s staff know what they are talking about for me to completely believe in the process. The specialists in charge not only have experience and credentials, but speaking to them gave me the impression that they were knowledgeable and  sure of themselves.

The facility is beautifully set up and with a façade that will remind you of Ayurvedic treatment centers back in Kerala- the state in India where it originated. The treatment rooms are spacious and beautifully decorated. It has a quiet and peaceful ambiance.


Address: Building No. 5, Area No. 51, Street No. 838, Wadi Al Lezhimiya Street, Al Gharaffa

Contact: +974 44273604

Email: info@loydencespa.com

Location: Google Map

Website: loydencegroup.com


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  1. Shahira says:

    Love your posts. Always informative!


    1. ninanotnow says:

      Thanks so much Shahira! Please keep reading! 🙂


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