Nesma Art

I discovered Nesma Art online. I was approached by Nassima who invited me to her studio to see her work and have a chat. I showed up in front of a villa I was given directions to and rang the door bell. Nassima, with the warmest aura and brightest smile, invited me into her home. We walked into her art studio, which is a tiny room at the back of the house with a window that looks into a garden. And all around this little room are paintings of every size. Bright, vibrant colours with broad confident strokes.

nesma 2
Nassima Bensaad, the artist behind NESMA Art

Nassima Bensaad has been painting almost all her life, but started offering her paintings on sale last year in March when she started ‘Nesma Art’. As a mother of two with a full time job, Nesma Art is something Nassima created as her creative outlet, to find herself. She is an abstract painter and through her art, hopes to introduce people to art by offering affordable and relatable creations. Abstract is also the way her mind interprets the world and that is what you get from a Nesma Art creation- Nassima’s take on the world, which is big, bright and bold, just like her.

nesma 1

She believes in providing her clients with a piece of art that they will find meaningful and will treasure, something that will speak to them. Though many of her finished pieces are on sale, she also enjoys co-creating pieces with her clients. It is usually a process of talking to her client and getting to know them, seeing pictures of the space the art will be displayed in and creating Nassima’s interpretation of the client’s vision.

Nassima at work

If the final product isn’t what you want, you don’t have to take it! Nassima is clear that she creates her art for herself and will only part ways with it if the client truly connects with it. She charges just enough for her to restock her art supplies and create the next piece.

Starting out, she didn’t feel confident enough to sell her paintings. With the encouragement of her husband and friends, she set up her website and Facebook page and eventually, sales took off. But sales are secondary. What she truly gets from this experience is a creative outlet and a chance to meet people who come into her studio and provide a home for her creations. Besides, according to her, if she didn’t sell her paintings, she’d never stop trying to perfect them. She grows particularly close to some of her creations, especially if the message hits home.


How to get your hands on a Nesma Art creation? Check out her website or her Facebook page and send her a message for any questions. She will also help you find great deals on frames for the paintings.

A Nesma Art creation

When asked what she sees for Nesma Art in the future, Nassima hopes for it to be exactly what it is today, not a job but a passion that she derives a lot of joy and satisfaction from.





Contact number: 00974-55739304



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  1. Rochelle says:

    Thanks for sharing this. I love learning and getting to know new things about the city and its people. Will definitely check her out.


    1. ninanotnow says:

      Thanks Rochelle! Keep reading my blog for more on Doha! 🙂


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