The Countryside Store, Souq Wakrah

I have found the cutest boutique in Wakrah! Welcome to every girl’s dream store, the Countryside Store!


This post is one among a series I will be doing on Souq Wakrah which, if you haven’t been, is the Wakrah version of Souq Waqif. But it isn’t as crowded or congested and it has a beautiful view of Wakrah beach.  Beside all the cafes and restaurants along the water, the souq is still up-and-coming and only a few stores have opened as of now. Though I did find a few great stores.

At the Countryside Store, its all florals and frills, laces and ribbons, small and cute. I ‘aww-ed’ the whole time I was there.


They have cute little paper houses which are actually gift boxes. Perfect to pack gifts, give-aways and party favors. Each costs 30 Riyals. I also found little printed cushions with quotes on it and adorable rag dolls.


The ‘Home’ and ‘Love’ are for 115 Riyals



I love these miniatures! The TV is 170 Riyals


Framed wooden alphabets for 95 Riyals each
These phones are so cute! 210 Riyals each.
Perfect for my kitchen any day of the week!


They have adorable baby gift sets with blankets, bibs etc packed like cute little houses and cars. Approximately 300 Riyals.


They have gift sets which are especially perfect for Eid or Ramadan or just a very thoughtful and creative gift.




This isn’t a very cost effective store. But I suppose there is a price to pay for things you don’t often find easily in the city. For those like me, who like to collect one of a kind nick knacks, its worth the price. But even if you don’t want to pick up anything, making the trip to the store and having a look around itself is worth it!

All images in high res on 1461269335_Aquicon-Flickr

Location: map (near parking A28)

Timings: 9:00 am to 12:00 pm and 4:00 pm to 10:00 pm

Contact number: +974 66665606



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