Al Rawnaq Stores

Rawnaq is a chain of stores. One located near Souq Waqif and one in Farij Bin Omran opposite Al Ahli Hospital (location in links below). Rawnaq is a one stop shop for stationary, arts and crafts, home improvement projects and every nick and knack you have ever seen on garments.

As a quick reference to which one to go to, for tailoring and garment making, go to the one near the souq. Though it’s smaller, it has a dedicated section for garment and tailoring accessories which the one near Al Ahli hospital doesn’t have. It is also conveniently located right across the street from Souq Al Dira, so you can get your fabric shopping done at Souq Al Dira or Souq Al Asiri (both of which I have reviewed on my website) and pop into Rawnaq for garment accessories.

rawnaq 2 final
Al Rawnaq- Souq Area

Rawnaq Store- Souq Area

Location: map

Timings: 8:00 am to 12:30 pm and 4:00 pm to 10:30 pm, Fridays-4:00 pm to 10:30 pm

Contact number: +974 44414420/ 44414460

If you are looking to create your own outfit, this is where you come to get inspiration. The Rawnaq near the souq has an entire room dedicated to stones and beads! They have lose stones of different shapes and colors. Price varies with size, small stones for QAR 2-5 per stone and bigger ones from QAR 5-25 per stone, all apparently Swarovski. You can also buy rows of iron on Swarovski crystals in every color which costs about QAR 130 per meter. They’ve got strings of beads and borders made of stones too.

cup bead collagebeads cup collage 2

bead border border
Crystal and bead borders
swarovski wall collage
Iron on Swarovski crystals

They have a section just for laces and borders you can attach onto outfits. You can sew it or iron it on. They have all sorts of patterns on the  borders which can be used to create any type of outfit, especially Indian and Arabic. The heavy stuff is priced between 45-70 Riyals per meter and the simpler stuff is between 10-30 Riyals per meter. Gorgeous stuff, but not cheap. So I’d recommend spending next to nothing on ordinary cloth that is strong enough to hold the heavy work on it and splurge on the accessories.

cloth border collage final

Rope Collage
Ropes in ordinary and metallic colors for garments

Making a costume? You’ll find angel wings and masks for kids. They also have a section for ribbons, threads, feathers and feather boas.

peacock feathers border

Ribbons collage 1
Plain, embroidered and printed ribbons

Ribbons collage 2

They have tailoring accessories like scissors, measuring tape, glue. They also have belt buckles, zip buckles and even those plastic size tags you find on hangars.accessories collageThey have a decent collection of zippers and thread, but for variety, I would suggest going to the Taliban store instead which I have reviewed on my website.

zip stand border

PicMonkey Collage

wool collage 2

Tiny drawers full of buttons!

button store border

They have beads and studs, both plastic and metallic. You know those spikes we see on everything? They have those! And sequence galore!

sequence collage

They have a surprisingly nice collection of shawls too.



mannequin border

Rawnaq Store- Farij Bin Omran

Location: map

Timings: 8:00 am to 12:30 pm and 4:00 pm to 10:30 pm, Fridays-4:00 pm to 10:30 pm

Contact number: +974 44414420/ 44414460

For all other requirements, head to the Rawnaq store near Al Ahli hospital in Farij Bin Omran which is literally an underground lair of all things random and wonderful.

Rawnaq external collage
Al Rawnaq- near Al Ahli hospital (next to KFC)

If you are a parent, Rawnaq is the place to go to find cheap and disposable things for kids in school, especially school stationery and supplies for projects. You’ll also find toys, decors for childrens’ rooms, school bags, feeding bottles etc, but don’t expect top notch quality. Everything is very affordable though, with items costing between 1 and 50 riyals on average.

pens border

Any home improvement project must begin here! You get cute things for the house if you really wade through the overwhelming amount of stuff in the store.

To start with, there are boxes. Storage boxes, gift boxes, you name it, they’ve got a box for it. They’ve got box sets in different sizes too. I’ve got a few and they work well to store paper work, nail polish, holiday decorations, tools and stationary, anything really.

gift collage
Boxes anyone?

They’ve got glassware in really cute designs you can use to display, store things or serve food in. Prices range between 20 and 45 Riyals.

glass collage

color pot 1 final 2

Tin containers in every shape, color, design and size. Use them to pot plants, distribute candy, store cookies or organize makeup. Prices range between 5 and 40 Riyals, depending on size.

box collage 1

Glass jars and decanters in all colors, prices ranging between 5 and 40 Riyals, again depending on size.

things collage 2

Steel containers, every Indian mothers weakness! Use them as lunch boxes or to store rice and flour. Starts at 10 Riyals and goes up to 60 for the massive ones.

steel containers final border

It’s a baker’s paradise with baking utensils and pretty little stands for cakes, cupcakes and desserts. Prices range between 20 and 45 Riyals.

cagey collage

lamp collage
cups collage
Sippy-cups, coffee cups, mason jars between 10 and 20 Riyals

Now we venture into the random. I have tried and failed to categorize the following items I found walking around. So here are collages of everything cute I found that falls under the ‘I don’t know what it is, but I need it’ category.

things collage 1
That is a palm size hot case! Mono cupcake holder? I need this stuff!

misc collage

Sandwich paper bags, paper plates, pickle jars

kettle border
A miniature kettle and I brought back home with me

So I have a problem. I collect miniature cork bottles. I’ve got three on my desk at work, a set I use as shot glasses, one next to me as I blog and about 10 at home that I’ve collected over time. It’s best to have a few at hand in case an urgent romantic message has to be sent. Rawnaq feeds this need of mine and has these bottles in every variety. There has to be more people like me who Rawnaq is catering to.

work bottles
Blog Bottle
cork bottle v2
Shot Bottles
bottles color border
Home Bottles

Tips: The one in the souq area is a perfect for novice and expert tailors, you won’t be disappointed. The one in Farij Bin Omran is a great place to find random things you didn’t know you needed until you saw them. Don’t expect good quality or longevity from anything. Just expect pretty and flimsy nick knacks. No Restrooms. Parking is tough, try to get dropped off. Fixed prices.

All images in high res on 1461269335_Aquicon-Flickr


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