Souq Al Dira

Don’t let the external facade fool you. Souq al Dira is classy! You should specifically come here if you are looking to create an outfit. There are all sorts of textiles in different fabrics, colors and styles. It isn’t cheap and be ready to haggle. These guys play hardball so it won’t be easy.


dira border

You can get fabric to create pretty much any outfit. A wedding gown, an evening gown, a cocktail dress, material for office wear, summer dresses.


They have a small and expensive collection of Indian designs but don’t come here for Indian stuff, you’d rather go to Bombay Silk House.

Indian Textile

They have different varieties of organza in beautiful dark and pastel colors, prices ranging from 150-450 Riyals per meter. Pure silks from Italy and Korea between 120 and 320 Riyals per meter. Lace with beaded work is between 500 to upwards of 1000 Riyals per meter and plain lace is between 150 and 300 Riyals per meter.


They have many Abaya stores that custom make Abayas. They also have stores that sell traditional Arabic outfits that kids and women usually wear for Garangao, which is a festival that’s celebrated during Ramadan.

Garangao Outfits

They have a few shoe stores that aren’t bad. Don’t come here for anything but the textiles, but the shoe stores are worth checking out, you might just get lucky. The prices range from 170 for flats to 350 for heels. These prices are before discounts.

Shoe Store

The souq has a few perfume stores too with hard core Arabic scents. Not for the light hearted. It also has stores with rows of watches and leather bags. Overpriced and not any good.



Location: map

Timings: 8:00 am to 12:30 pm and 4:30 pm to 10:30 pm

Tips: Overall, it’s a decent place to shop for textile. Interiors are neat, staff are helpful. Restrooms available but avoid. There are tiny cafeterias around the souq for a quick water break or shawarma. Parking isn’t a big problem. Prepare to walk! Dress modestly, it’s very much part of old Doha.

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